What is MDC?

Micro Data center is a system that is designed to solve IT problems which are hard to be handled by traditional larger data centers. Micro data center is a smaller modular system which is designed to handle different types of workloads which are otherwise hard to be handled by larger systems. Unlike an average data center which hosts thousands of Virtual machines and dozens of servers, micro-data center includes less than 10 servers in a single 9 in a box which also contains less than 100 Virtual machines. Micro Data center has a built in cooling system,security system, flood and fire protection and with an uninterruptible power supply like in containerized data centers. Micro data centers can be deployed both outdoors and indoors. Instant Data Centers company has the best and cost-effective modular data center products for your digital data.

Advantages of using micro data centers: Micro data center can be effectively used for businesses in remote locations where there is a high flood risk or earthquake risk mainly due to its size and plug and play features it comes with.  Before micro-modular data centers came in light prefabricated data centers were introduced. Using same technology micro modular data centers with less space requirement and higher capabilities than traditional data centers are build by the providers. Another advantage would be Micro data centers minimizes the energy consumed by the traditional data centers. Micro data centers provide a self-contained platform by adding capabilities to the standard rack or converged system. Micro data centers can house an IT equipment based around a standardized 19-inch rack and is pre-configured to deliver specific tasks. For organizations that deal with applications requiring a high level of security micro data center can be a good solution because the data can be air locked to remain within the rack until the multi-factor identifications, factors have been provided.

Most recent advances in data centers are the micro-modular data center.

Container data center micro modules: Depending on consumer requirement the modules can be built. They could be single rack or multiple rack modules. It comes with a container, skid mounted and an enclosure. The market for micro data centers industry is estimated to grow with more demand for data center hardware, infrastructure vendors, and operators. There is a rise in containerized data centers and micro-data centers with organizations such as Microsoft using the combination for their data centers. Globally the micro data center market is estimated to grow to 6.3 billion by the year 2020.