Technology Advancement

Advancements in micro-modular data centers: Most companies technically have created micro-modular data center version including Dell, IBM, HP, Emerson network and Cisco. There has been a great improvement from traditional data centers to distributed data centers to more advanced Micro modular data centers which are attracting the huge attention due to its prefabricated small containerized model. It can handle more workload at a high speed at a lesser cost than the traditional data center. Micro modular data system increase profits minimizing the cost through strong networks has better performance. In relation to different environmental conditions micro modular data centers are stable and mobile. It performs well even in remote environmental conditions. More concepts with containerized models have been created overtime to increase performance.

Before cloud concept version of the modular data center many companies used a prefabricated modular system and worked best especially start-up companies. This system minimizes the risk of data loss.

Cloud concept:In this concept, micro-modular connectivity is within an enclosed office space and serves 10-15 people. Before cloud concept there were still billions of people not receiving data connectivity to bridge this gap cloud concept has been introduced. Through cloud concept, the network is taken to every one through the 10 modular data centers and through mobile devices which connect every one in the office to the world through the cloud.

Modular data centers are deployable but are not very mobile.

Cloud lets: Micro modular data system with its much advanced strategy is in cloudlets which shows the ultimate performance of mobile devices and data systems from the cloud. Cloud lets ensures data connectivity from the cloud without limitations(battery), network connectivity and mobility. Cloud lets enable mobility, unlike modular data centers which hinder mobility.  They are not simple they need to be positioned outside or inside the building, unlike mobile devices. Situated in different positions in the world cloudlets which are the micro data centers provide data connectivity to millions of people through the cloud. Different data centers are connected to the cloud through mega centers and are used by millions of people. Micro data center solution shows rapid growth and demand because of the advancement in internet capabilities of wireless devices and technology of the data center. Micro data center market is fast growing because of its capability of rapidly increase the interchangeable data.

Cost reduction, flexibility, sustainability are some of the benefits provided to the end customers through Micro data center solutions.